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Just when I thought I’d had enough, doggone if they didn’t pull me back.

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

I’ve had a love-dislike relationship with Medium over the couple of years I’ve been involved, and I’ve had many emails from them, but none of them ever made me laugh like the one I received today.

They wrote to tell me I was about to come into some money. From them!

At last!

I thought maybe they felt bad about the paltry sums they’ve paid me over all that time, along with their ruthless shunning as they gave so many others bonus after bonus after bonus — but, no. It was a simple mistake

Apparently, from what I can gather…

My birthplace defines me. This pilgrimage reminds me.

A cabin on Lake Superior — all photos by the author.

You’ve probably never heard of The Keweenaw (pronounced ‘Kee-wen-aw’) Peninsula. It’s the county at the northernmost tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At a population of 2111, it’s the least populated of all of Michigan’s 83 counties, the most isolated, the snowiest, and quite possibly the most beautiful.

I was born there, in Laurium, on September 17, 1937.

Amazon found these today and sent me a gift.

Our youngest grandchild at our dock at sunset

I have no idea how this set of long-ago memes found their way to Amazon, of all places, but when I opened their email this morning I felt as if they somehow knew how much I needed to see them again. I won’t even question how they got there.

A couple of days ago I went on a bit of a rant on my sister blog, Writer Everlasting, and again at Medium. While I still believe every word of it, I probably should have kept it in my journal where no one would ever see it. Now I have writer/readers…

I need to get this out. I don’t know what I’m about to say.

Photo by on Unsplash

Bear with me here, please:

On Sunday morning at 9 AM I flipped the channel to CBS, all set to watch ‘Sunday Morning’, that show that engages me, intrigues me, inspires me, and makes me laugh. I look forward to it every week and, except for the annual Fashion Special, it never disappoints. So imagine my dismay when, instead of Jane Pauley’s calm voice and a lineup of satisfying stories, I’m tuned in to…FOX NEWS.

I’m not kidding. My cable company (also the telephone company and…

Most stories about ageism aren’t written by the aged. This one is.

Author’s hands, author’s typewriter

As a writer and an old person, I’ve written about aging many times, but I’ve never written an entire piece about ageism itself. I’ve left it alone, I suppose because I thought it was a subject best left to the experts, but who is more expert at aging than someone who has leaped past the aging part and is now at the finish line — the aged?

Note that ‘aged’ as regards ‘elderly’ is pronounced ‘age ed’ , two syllables, and not ‘aged’, as in, ‘ripened’.

It astonishes and often amuses my younger friends that I’m 83 and still able…

Unless it’s life or death. Then it’s something else.

Hand-crafted clothespins

We live simply here in the boondocks. We’re surrounded by the outdoors and not much else. I love to be outdoors when the air is warm in the sun and cool in the shade and a breeze is moving in off the water. On days like that I want nothing more than to be out there hanging the wash.

I have a dryer in the garage but that doohickey that keeps the temperature steady and shuts the dryer off when it senses no more moisture is broken, and the dryer won’t stop until I manually hit the button. I have…

Yes, it’s a click-baity title, but it’s true.

Doors, Santana Row, San Jose, California, Maestri — Photo: Mert Carpenter

I wasn’t going to read Shaunta Grimes’ latest blog, My Thoughts About Medium’s Creator Fellowship. Why would I? I wasn’t invited. But it was Shaunta and I hadn’t seen her around for a while. The truth is, I’ve missed her.

Her subtitle, ‘And whether this is still a good place to blog’ intrigued me. I knew most of the top dogs have seen their incomes drop like rocks. I know that because they’re writing about it. Over and over and over. …

My invitation to join me in a new writing venture.

Oh, my Medium friends, I’ve missed you! But I’ve been busy working on other things and today I’m so excited! You know I love writing about writing. I’ve done it here many times, and I’ll never stop, but I’m pulling out of Medium and moving my workspace to Substack.

It’s not as if I’m leaving Medium forever, and it’s not as if Medium isn’t working beautifully for many of you — it’s me, not you, not them. …

If you’re okay with this, you need to reassess

The poll above was inserted into the middle of what is essentially a compassionate opinion piece by Joyce Vance focusing on Britney Spears’ recent court appearance as she tries to break the bonds her father and a conservator have held over her for more than 13 years.

The story is here, and it’s a whopper but that’s not why I’m back today. I was reading Vance’s story, growing more and more horrified, when that poll appeared in the middle of it, like one of those irritating advertisements in the middle of so many website stories. …

What’s it all about?

Photo by Bob Oh on Unsplash

I woke up in the middle of the night (not unusual so far) with the words ‘Meshach, (blank), and Abendego’ in my head. What the HELL?? Over and over, as if the most important task of the night was to remember who that other guy was. Who WAS he?

So I got to work on it and as I was trying to think of that third guy I remembered it wasn’t ‘Abendego’, it was ‘Abednego’. That part solved…but how did I know?

And who was that other guy? I thought of ‘Horshack’. I thought of ‘Rorschach”. Nope. I was in…

Ramona Grigg

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