I’ve Been Thinking About This Widow Thing

So let me write it out and see what happens.

Ramona Grigg
3 min readJun 22, 2022
One of my favorite photos — taken at Market Commons, Myrtle Beach, early in our snowbird days

It’s been just over three months since Ed died and I’m no closer to figuring out what’s next than I was the day it happened. It’s as if my days are spent now, when I’m not filling out paperwork or agonizing over red tape, trying to decide who I am and how I’m reacting to each new thing.

It can get maddening when it’s not fascinating, and that’s where I am now — in that place where everything I do is a change from the way I did it before. The team has broken up and only one of us is left. And the one left is spending way too much time analyzing every thought, every move, afraid to make long-lasting mistakes, yet exhilarated at the prospect of trying new things.

I’m that slightly insane widder-woman.

On the list so far:

  • Learning Spanish. (Two years of it in high school but never used.)
  • Getting a passport (I’ve never had one and who knows when it’ll come in handy.)
  • Finding a keyboard and creating my own music.
  • Writing letters on real stationery with a good pen. (I’ve been re-reading old letters from old friends. They’re almost sacred now.)
  • Wearing dresses again. Maybe something slightly flamboyant.