Thank you for that, Lincoln. You put a lot of work into it and I appreciate it. It's good to know more about you, and I honestly didn't know I could use ManyStories beyond Medium. Now that I do, I will.

Medium has lost me, and it's their fault, not mine. I liked the platform for a long time and tried to work within it, but as much as I wrote and as good as it was, it was never good enough. I've only made $100 in one month in the two plus years I've been writing here. I brought in plenty of readers but if they didn't pay they didn't count. I won't write every day or even three times a week, so I'm screwed there, too. I've worked to help writers any chance I get and I appreciate a writing community--but I'm not into writing clubs. I don't clap unless I'm feeling it. I don't read entire stories just to help a writer out. And I detest their system of claps and reading time. It's kindergarten stuff. @MediumStaff

I've watched Medium morph into a game show, with surprise bonuses and promises of riches if you play along, and that's not for me. I've moved on to Substack and I like it there. I've kept my publication, and I'll cross-post now and then but I really don't like what's happening here.

It's demoralizing and soul-crushing and it's sad to see so many good writers become puppets on a string, at the mercy of a cruel puppeteer dangling dollars over their heads, enjoying the anxiety he's created.

It surprises me that with everything you've said here you're still encouraging writers to stay. Why?



Humor, Life, Political Opinions. Email: Newsletter:

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Ramona Grigg

Ramona Grigg

Humor, Life, Political Opinions. Email: Newsletter:

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