Regrets? I’ve Had A Few

I regret I couldn’t come up with a better title.

Ramona Grigg


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Ask any celebrity if they have regrets and 99.9% of them will say no. Some of them are people who should be waking up every morning regretting everything they’ve done since puberty, but ask them that question and it’s as if you were asking them if the moon is made of Gorgonzola. No hesitation. No dramatic stroking of the chin. No searching the ceiling for answers. Nope. Just no.

They do it, we all know, not because they’re regret-free but because saying no is easier than having to categorize every foible, flaw, or folly in order to satisfy complete strangers asking dumb questions.

But here I am, a non-celebrity, asking that same question of myself. Why? Because I just read an old interview with David Brown, in which he seemed to be regretting a whole lot of things he had done or not done, but when he was asked specifically if he had any regrets, he said, “I don’t think in those terms. I think most creative people don’t think about their failures. They think the public is wrong.”

Okay, he retracted that a bit, probably regretting he’d answered so fast, probably remembering his answer would be in print for posterity. Because when the interviewer asked Brown if he thought that, he said, “Probably not as much as most people. Actually, I usually think the public is right, that the public knows.”

There. Done. No regrets.

But since I’m feeling creative at least some of the time, it got me to thinking about my own answers if I were ever to become famous enough to be asked. (First regret coming to mind: I regret that I never became famous.)

I took a little time with this, knowing you would want the truth, and while I was taking my time I realized that most of my regrets include things I’ve never had control over.

I regret not having been born beautiful, rich, tall, smart, clever, or wise.

I regret not having been born in a tropical paradise.

I regret having been born in the 1930s when being born in the 1980s would make me so much younger now.

I regret not having a voice made in heaven.