Are Typos Worth Crying About?

Or is it just me?

Ramona Grigg
3 min readJul 30, 2022


Okay, I’m mortified. I have what I laughingly call my ‘Author’s Page’, only because everyone else has one and some of them are exquisite and I’m a sheep. I’ve been building this page on WordPress and it’s like trying to do brain surgery blindfolded. They have blocks. Or sections. And a bunch of what they seem to think are sophisticated and cool but are actually complicated and diabolical methods of doing a main page, none of which have anything to do with writing.

I’ve spent hours on that thing. So much time, I’ve grown royally sick of it and I barely even go over there anymore. But I’m turning over new leaves. Remember? So I started working on it last week and gave it my all. (Almost said ‘my best’, but apparently not.)

I fixed some stuff! It looks pretty good! Not perfect. Not like I’d hired someone to do it and they were worth every penny. But better. I figured out how to move things! Not all, but some, since I’m clearly floundering and terrified that one simple click will send it all crashing to hell.

Which is silly, because I’ve never really liked the thing.

So the New and Improved version of my author’s page has been up for about a week. Last night I thought I should check to see how it looked on my phone and my iPad. The phone is ridiculous:

The iPad version looks better, except I’d really like to get rid of that white space on top. Believe me, I’ve tried.

But… WHAT?? How did I miss that? Did that say “I’ve began”? Seriously?

I don’t know for sure that it happened last week. Maybe it’s been there forever and I just never noticed. I’d like to think it once said, “I’ve been writing this blog since…”, which was true when I started my (cough, cough) Author’s Page, and last week I realized it was a damned lie, since I’ve shuttered that blog, and was changing it to “I began…” Past tense.