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‘Elderly’ Justice Breyer is hanging it up. So who’s next? And why aren’t they?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There’s a whole bunch of hoo-haw going on out there about the aged needing to have the good sense to stop pretending they can still do the job when they would be doing us all a favor if they just shuffled off into the twilight and found a nice hobby.

How a certain center for journalistic ethics covers the scourge of all propaganda machines.

By Self-made screencap., Fair use,

It happened again: One of Fox News’s most miserable buggers has been elevated to prime time and the MSM is buzzing! OMG! Those rascally rascals over there at the Murdoch horror show! What’ll they do to top whatever it was that set the press off the last time — set…

This happened last week. I don’t know what to make of it.

Ocellated turkey — Photo: Ray Wilson/Alemy

Hi, friends! I hope you had a fine Thanksgiving, with no real casualties besides the turkey. Families still intact and speaking. No food poisoning. Everyone vaccinated and happy about it. Ours was quiet and lovely and, like so…

Where does he go now?

Kyle Rittenhouse learns he’s free — Photo credit: CBS

My heart sank today when I learned the jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five counts. Not a single punishment for a young white boy carrying an assault weapon to a BLM protest rally, where he ended up killing two men and wounding another.

The story is that…

The writer doesn’t always publish

Hi guys, I’ve been writing! I swear! You, too? Lordy, I hope so. A word here, a word there. Pretty soon we’ve molded them into something usable. But what if we’re not ready to publish them? What if we don’t want to publish them? Are…

Ramona Grigg

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