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My invitation to join me in a new writing venture.

Oh, my Medium friends, I’ve missed you! But I’ve been busy working on other things and today I’m so excited! You know I love writing about writing. I’ve done it here many times, and I’ll never stop, but I’m pulling out of Medium and moving my workspace to Substack.

It’s not as if I’m leaving Medium forever, and it’s not as if Medium isn’t working beautifully for many of you — it’s me, not you, not them. …

If you’re okay with this, you need to reassess

The poll above was inserted into the middle of what is essentially a compassionate opinion piece by Joyce Vance focusing on Britney Spears’ recent court appearance as she tries to break the bonds her father and a conservator have held over her for more than 13 years.

The story is here, and it’s a whopper but that’s not why I’m back today. I was reading Vance’s story, growing more and more horrified, when that poll appeared in the middle of it, like one of those irritating advertisements in the middle of so many website stories. …

What’s it all about?

Photo by Bob Oh on Unsplash

I woke up in the middle of the night (not unusual so far) with the words ‘Meshach, (blank), and Abendego’ in my head. What the HELL?? Over and over, as if the most important task of the night was to remember who that other guy was. Who WAS he?

So I got to work on it and as I was trying to think of that third guy I remembered it wasn’t ‘Abendego’, it was ‘Abednego’. That part solved…but how did I know?

And who was that other guy? I thought of ‘Horshack’. I thought of ‘Rorschach”. Nope. I was in…

Or, why won’t they listen to me?

Photo by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

I don’t know, I keep telling myself I’m getting too old to go on trying to save the country, but what are you gonna do when you see your kids going wayward? You’re going to try to steer them right. It’s what you do. Especially if it’s what you’ve been trying to do your whole goddamn life.

What a bunch of ingrates!

I’m not saying I’m alone in this. Millions of us are thinking the same thing these days. MILLIONS OF US ARE TRYING TO BE SUPERCITIZENS AND WE’RE FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE.

I can love my country, warts and…

Indelible Ink, The Newsletter.

Wikimedia Commons

Hello, friends of Indelible Ink. It’s been a while. I hope you’re still with us, enjoying the many wonderful stories we’ve been so privileged to publish here, even during the worst of the pandemic!

What better time to sit back and read than when we’re feeling confined and slightly sacrificial? And what better time to write what’s in our hearts and be able to share via the magic of the internet? (No masks, no close encounters, no fear of contamination. Perfect!)

But if you’ve missed any of our stories in the past couple of months, go here and scroll down…

Here’s why.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Hello friends, It’s that time, and I’m here to say my goodbyes. It’s no secret that I’ve been disappointed in my ‘career’ here at Medium. Having upwards of 1600 followers is nice, and a good number of my followers are dear friends and strong supporters, but I’m not happy here. That’s the bottom line.

I thought I could fit in but I can’t. That’s not on Medium, it’s on me. I don’t care about claps or quantity or algorithms or search engines or curation or prompts or contests or the amount of money anyone makes here. …

If you don’t read it, I’ll be really, really sad.

Photo by Cliff Johnson on Unsplash

Hi there! I don’t have much to say today but I’d appreciate it if you keep on reading, anyway. Who knows where this is going to lead? Could be fun! I’ve set myself a quota, just for me, and I’m going to have to keep doing this or I’ll be messing up my goals for the day. Or the week. Or the hour. Who wants that!

So that’s why I’m writing this. To stay on schedule. Because it’s a thing now. There’s an entire movement out there based on, “Write it and they will come”. So here goes. I’m writing…

And for all those other thoughts you wouldn’t want published.

Wikimedia Commons — Isidro Urena

I tell writers all the time that they should keep journals, yet it’s only lately that I’ve taken it up again as a part of my own writing toolbox. I’ve been writing seriously since the early 1980s and I have a dozen or more bulging notebooks and journals full of everything I did or thought from then until around the time I moved to the internet and began seriously blogging.

I can look back on my working notebooks to see when I wrote that article, that column, that magazine story, who I interviewed, and what I used as resources. It’s…

When writers are rewarded for socializing, where does our writing fit in?

Photo by Dean Machala on Unsplash

One of the things I’ve liked most about Medium is that the website has spawned a thriving community of writers. We writers, most of us, have a need to be in touch with other writers. It’s almost impossible to write in a vacuum, and I’ve gained so much from so many of the other writers here. Would we have known one another if we hadn’t, at some point, engaged in the social aspects of Medium? Probably not, and I’m happy to be a part of a group that is so open and caring and helpful. …

Okay, maybe the case for writing for mine.

Author’s photo

I saw the news yesterday that P.S I Love You had lost their Medium funding and would have to close their doors. It was a shock, considering how popular they are — and considering, personally, that just a few weeks ago I finally found a piece I thought would fit there, sent it in, and was thrilled that it was accepted. I was already working on more for them. Now I guess I’ll look elsewhere. Or I’ll settle for publishing them on my own small publication.

I say ‘settle’ because as much as I love my publication, Indelible Ink, and…

Ramona Grigg

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